LC Stylez provides a variety services for hair, make-up and nails. Hair services are performed based upon individual style, occasion and most important the overall health of the hair. Going out for a night on the town? Getting glam for prom? Make-up service is provided for any occasion. Nail services consist of a spa manicure and a relaxing aromatherapy massage. As a senior cosmetologist that follows the latest trends, I can assure when we finish with you, you’ll be putting your best face forward.

Style- shampoo, conditioner, basic style
Specialty Styles- shampoo, conditioner, spiral curl (set & curled), updos, fingerwaves, goddess braids, ponytails, pin curls, etc.
Hair Shaping- trimming, precision cut

Natural Styling
Silkening- shampoo, deep conditioner, straightening
Twist- shampoo, deep conditioner 2-strand twist, comb twist, twist set, twist out, pin-ups
Braiding- shampoo, conditioner, cornrow braiding with or without extensions, braid styling
Dreads/Interlocking- start, maintain and tend to damaged dreads and locs

Weaves & Extensions
Full Sew-in Weave- shampoo, deep conditioner, trim and style
Glue-in/Quick Weave- shampoo, conditioner and style
Partial and individual sew-in and glue-in extensions are available (style not included)
Treebraids, crochets- shampoo, conditioner
Lace unit attaching- shampoo, conditioner and style

Conditioning Services
Strengthening Therapy System (STS) an exclusive conditioning treatment by Design Essentials designed to stretch and tame your natural curl pattern without chemically altering the hair. It allows the hair to withstand humidity for those natural clients who desire the relaxed look but still want the option to embrace a more tamed version of their natural curl pattern. STS also works as a great aid for those clients that are transitioning from relaxed to natural, minimizing breakage and strengthening the hair. It is a 3 part service that consist of cleansing the hair with the strengthening therapy sulfate-free shampoo. The treatment is then applied to the hair and thermally sealed into the hair shaft. Then trim or cut hair into the desired style. The hair is then shampooed again to remove any remaining residue. Hair is then styled.
Intense Protein Conditioner- an intense 2 part conditioner for guest with severe damage and breakage do to chemical over or under processing or the use of excessive heat without proper conditioning. This process involves applying the protein and processing under the dryer for 25 min, then being rinsing the residue from the protein and applying an intense moisture treatment to process for 20-25 min under the dryer.
Reconstructor- a moisturizing protein conditioner for excessive shedding and dryness. It involves applying the conditioner then processing under the dryer for 15 min.
Moisturizing conditioner- intense moisturizing conditioner for excessive dryness. This involves applying the conditioner and then processing under the dryer for 15 min.
Acid Rinse (specifically for dreads) an acid rinse is used to remove build-up in dreads from excessive product use. This process is followed by a moisturizing conditioner.

Chemical Services
Relaxer- straightening hair with cream relaxer. Hair trimming, reconstructor and style are included in the service.
Texturizing- chemically loosening tightly coiled hair. A hair shaping, reconstructor and style are included in this service.
Curl- chemically rearranging curl pattern and texture of the hair by relaxing the curl pattern the rearranging the curl. This service includes hair shaping and style as well.

Color Services
Foil/cap Hi-Lites, Dimensional application, ombre, frosting, color correction, permanent and temporary hair color services available.

Make-up service include facial cleansing and application.

Nail Services include a spa manicure with an aromatherapy massage