Who is Leslie Chanel Copeland?
Leslie Chanel is a young ambitious stylist that plans on leaving a large foot print in the field of cosmetology. It started for Leslie in the small town of Manassas VA at the age of 6, when she would play with her Barbie dolls hair and say that when she grew up she was going to be a hair dresser.
She has always embodied the desire to enhance the beauty of others with hair and makeup. By the age of 11, she taught herself how to braid (cornrow) hair. By the age of 13, she perfected the talent and began to braid hair as a side job.
She quickly made a name for herself by creating unique cornrow designs on her clients. By the age of 15, she began working in salons as an assistant/braider. While assisting in salons as an adolescent, she learned the basics of working in a professional salon.
In 2004 she began studying cosmetology at Montgomery Beauty in Takoma Park, MD. She later transferred to Award Beauty in Hagerstown, MD, where she completed the course and became a licensed cosmetologist in May 2006. From there, she has become a seasoned stylist in the salon.
She has remained extremely knowledgeable of the industry by constantly educating herself on the ever changing trends within the industry by attending classes and shows to keep herself relevant. In September 2009, she became a senior cosmetologist. This accomplishment validated her knowledge of the industry and enabled her to share that knowledge with others.
Now she is the assistant manager at the salon that she works in and the head manager on the days she opens and runs the salon. She is also using the knowledge that she has acquired over the years to train less experienced stylist. She has more than enough potential to make some noise within the industry and is on her way to becoming a beauty icon.